How to write your tender to meet government tendering principles

The government tendering process isn’t just a giant paperwork exercise it is a gateway to opportunities. As a seller, understanding the government’s perspective is essential in realising those opportunities. If you understand why the government is asking the questions you will be able to write your proposal with a stronger focus on meeting the government tendering principles.

This is how each government tendering principle can influence how you write your proposal.

1. Value for money—maximising taxpayer return

Government objective—provide the best return on taxpayers’ investment.

How to meet the objective in your tender—your proposal must showcase cost-effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. Highlight how your solution optimises value for the government and its citizens.

2. Trust & integrity—demonstrate ethical practice

Government objective—ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability.

How to meet the objective in your tender—demonstrate your trustworthiness. Highlight past successes, ethical practices, and transparency. An honest proposal builds confidence.

3. Competition—keeping an even playing field

Government objective—Foster equal opportunity for all bidders.

How to meet the objective in your tender—Differentiate yourself. Innovate, emphasise unique value propositions, and stand out. Remember, every complying bid gets a fair shot.

4. Governance and probity—staying lawful

Government objective—comply with legal and ethical standards.

How to meet the objective in your tender—your proposal should scream compliance. Highlight adherence to laws, regulations, and ethical norms. Show how you are meeting probity requirements. Credibility matters.

5. Economic growth—providing wider benefits

Government objective—contribute to the economy.

How to meet the objective in your tender—connect the dots. How does your offering boost employment, GDP, or other economic indicators? Include economic benefits beyond the outputs of the project.

6. Society expectations—safety & sustainability

Government objective—address broader societal concerns.

How to meet the objective in your tender—align your proposal with sustainability practices, safety protocols, and human rights protection. Show how your solution and your organisation are providing benefits to society.

Winning tenders by aligning with government tendering principles

If you understand these government tendering principles you won’t just be ticking boxes—you will be talking the language of the buyer. By tailoring your proposal to align with governmental objectives you increase your chances of winning the contract.

There are a lot of references you can find on government tendering principles. They all vary in their emphasis. The OECD Principles for Integrity in Public Procurement is a good general one.