What tender skills you really need from your consultant

Dear Tender Doctor,

I want to hire a tender writer to write my tender. I am too busy to write the tender myself so I need a tender writer who knows and is experienced in our industry sector to write our business operations and methodologies for me. How can I find someone with tender skills who is an expert on my business who can write my tender for me?

Yours faithfully

Ms Too-busy to write my tender

Dear Ms Too-Busy,

Expecting a tender consultant to walk in off the street and understand your business to the level to win a tender is quite foolish given how short tender turnaround times are. It is also very humble of you to think that someone can know as much about your business as you and your management in a couple of weeks?!

You and your content matter experts need to explain your business processes, operational methodologies and quality control in detail—if they can’t you have a big problem. The tender consultant or tender writer needs to take that information and tailor it to the specific tender.

Therefore, the tender skills you require are not industry knowledge but strategy, analysis and communications.


Strategy is understanding how your processes and methodologies align with the client’s goals and objectives in a way that gives you a competitive advantage and demonstrates your WHS, environmental, social and quality compliances


Communicating complex information clearly and concisely is vital—you need to convey your processes in a way that is easy for the assessors to understand


Understanding what processes and methodologies are relevant to the tender and to be able to process map them visually (e.g. flowcharts) is a necessary component of the work.


Gathering missing data, completing the details of processes and providing broader business information and tailoring it to the needs of the tender are all skills a tender consultant brings to your project.

Confidentiality and ethics

You need your team to understand the ethical considerations of tendering and make sure that probity requirements are met.

Ultimately, to win you need a sophisticated combination of skills to present your business in a tailored way that will convince the tender assessors of your competitive advantage. That is what you are paying for. Good luck with your recruitment.

Yours faithfully,

The Tender Doctor