What is a bid submission manager?

A bid submission manager manages the production of the bid document and the writing, editing and graphic design component of tender submissions. A bid submission manager is a marketing communications specialist. The role is different to the bid manager who oversees the solution development.

Submission manager is different to the bid manager

The bid manager, in contrast, is an operational manager with specific expertise in the business function being tendered for. The role requires quite different knowledge and skills. The bid manager will run the bid using a bid management plan.

The bid manager needs to be an expert at delivering the business operations and solution. They need to be able to oversee and review the subject matter experts‘ contributions to the solution and ensure the pricing will be competitive and provide the desired margin.

Role of the bid submission manager

The bid submission manager is responsible for creating the win strategy (with the bid manager). They also implement the strategy in the presentation and messaging of the document. This is essentially making sure that the document markets the organisation and its solution to the client.

The bid submission manager’s responsibilities include:

  • running a workshop with the bid team to develop a win strategy (like any product or service it needs a unique selling proposition)—this needs to emphases value-adding
  • creating key messages that need to be included in the narrative to reinforce the win strategy—emphasising why the client should use your solution
  • creating a bid brand that visually emphasises the win strategy—and not just reflects the subject matter
  • overseeing the graphic design team in implementing the bid branding
  • writing the key marketing elements of the bid including the executive summary and capability sections
  • reviewing, editing and overseeing the document text to ensure it is consistently edited and that the messaging is consistent
  • ensure overall content compliance with the RFT requirements

The most important role of the bid submission manager is to make sure that the document provides all the evidence to support your organisation’s solution. The evidence needs to give the bid the best mark against the selection criteria.

Using a tender writing plan

The bid submission manager runs their portion of the work using a writing plan. It treats the inputs of the subject matter expert as content that needs to be edited and laid out by the writers and graphic designers. The tender writing plan emphasises to the bid team that the fundamental objective is to deliver a professionally presented bid document capable of winning the tender.

Madrigal Communications uses a simple “traffic light” system to monitor content production. It is highly visual and summarises progress very clearly on the page or screen:

  • red is content that is not completed and needs to be focussed on
  • orange is content that has been partly provided for editing and layout—it may be completed but is not yet approved
  • green is material that is completed and approved

Successful tendering

An important aspect in delivering a successful tender is to make sure that you have an experienced bid submission manager. They must clearly understand both tendering and document production. This is the service that Madrigal Communications offers.