WA Panel for ETS for road and bridge design

Invitation to submit proposals

The Western Australian Commissioner of Main Roads is seeking proposals for the supplier panel for engineering and technical services (ETS) for road and bridge design. These services are important for Main Roads in overseeing the management of an extensive 19,000-kilometre road network. Responsibilities include the design and maintenance of bridges, regulatory road signs, traffic signals, and road markings.

Context and opportunity

The current panel contract for ETS for road and bridge design was awarded in August 2019 and is due to end by August 2024. Main Roads wishes to replace the panel with suitably qualified consultants and/or consortia of consultants to provide the next generation of road design and bridge design services.

Scope of work for road and bridge design

The proposed contract’s scope of work is divided into two distinct parts.

Part A—core services—mandatory component

Part A is the mandatory segment of the scope of the road and bridge design. It is mandatory for proponents to submit proposals for Part A.

Part B—non-core services—optional

Part B encompasses Non-Core Services, which includes:

  • Bridge rehabilitation and maintenance services
  • Tunnel design
  • Coastal engineering services
  • Community engagement services
  • Rail design services
  • Sustainability advice
  • Survey and mapping
  • Business case development services

Selection criteria for road and bridge design

Proponents are expected to fulfil the following prerequisites in addition to price, insurance, conflict of interest and contract compliance details:

  • Detail the organisational profile and management systems
  • Demonstrate the capacity to deliver the services effectively
  • Nominate appropriate personnel and provide detailed curriculum vitae
  • Describe the management approach and methodology
  • Respond to the ‘Buy Local Policy Questionnaire’
  • Detail plans for Aboriginal participation to ensure inclusive engagement

Proponents are encouraged to submit additional information in an accurate and concise format, relevant to the evaluation criteria.  Poorly presented or inadequate information may result in the proposal being rejected.

Proposal submission deadline

The closing date and time for proposal submissions is set for 2:30 pm on the 6th of October 2023. Madrigal Communications has had success in professional services and infrastructure tenders and can help you to put a compliant and professionally presented proposal together.