Top ten tips for a successful marketing plan

I have helped a few businesses with their marketing plans.

There are a few really key things to keep in mind when you put one together.

  1. Have a realistic budget!
  2. Be different to your competitors!
  3. Be adventurous – take risks to stand out!
  4. Focus on keeping existing customers!
  5. Have a simple selling proposition!
  6. Understand the needs and wants of your existing customers!
  7. Find the best ways of getting your message to your best prospects!
  8. Make real claims for your product or service – don’t exaggerate!
  9. Have a mix of tactics – don’t put your eggs in one basket!
  10. Make sure you capture and respond to customer feedback!

If you need help Madrigal Communications can undertake production of a basic marketing plan of about 30 pages and take two weeks to produce. The plan will:

  • give an overview of how to market the business in the short to medium term and identify key priorities
  • identify a range of marketing tasks with approximate costings and time requirements
  • provide guidance for the production of all materials including a capability statement and your website

You will be able to use the plan as a basis for decision-making in choosing promotional activities. Madrigal Communications are pleased to be able to offer their extensive experience in stakeholder communications. The plan will detail the components of a strong marketing communication strategy.

Good luck with your marketing plan.