Writing Business Proposals

Madrigal Communications writes business and tender proposals that convince and persuade. The better the quality of your proposal the more likely you will succeed in convincing your audience to buy, invest or participate. Madrigal writes convincing pitches that help you win.

Getting agreement for your proposal

Madrigal Communications can help you put together a clear and convincing proposal or business case in a logical, structured and attractive way. We help you gain support and agreement from your customers, clients or management for your proposal.

Structuring your proposal

You might need to persuade new customers to invest or to purchase goods or services, or you might be attempting to persuade your senior managers to fund a project or implement a program.

The proposal must be structured to answer the key questions:

WHAT are you proposing—the outline of the proposal?

WHY are you proposing it—what are the major benefits (and the disadvantages)?

HOW are you going to deliver the benefits?

WHEN (and WHERE) will you deliver it? … and …

HOW MUCH is it going to cost?

Providing all types of proposals

Madrigal will help you with all types of proposals including:


Business cases

Award submissions

Competition entries

Expressions of interest

Funding applications

Grant applications

Assisting clients to win

We will help you put together the complete package including structure, content and presentation:

Manage the proposal writing and production

Identify requirements and components

Research and collate information

Create a document template

Write and edit content

Review final content

Presentation and submission

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