Specialist Tender Writing Service

Madrigal has an excellent success rate in winning high-value tenders. So if you need a tender writer Sydney we can help you to win the big contracts. It is important to get professional help in writing tenders and proposals as well as in the bid management to make the most of your opportunity. Our people have strong experience in winning infrastructure, construction, public utilities, telecommunications and energy sector tenders. We also have had success in local government, professional services, maintenance and machinery hire tenders.

Our team combines strong business analysis skills and management knowledge with sophisticated marketing communications methods to make sure we build a strong business case and present it in the most persuasive way.

Well-written and well-presented proposals

The importance of well-written and well-presented proposals is often overlooked. We do know that big jobs have been lost because proposals were badly presented. It is important to present the tender-proposal in a professional and attractive way.

We are thorough in addressing mandatory criteria and leave nothing to chance. We even go so far as carefully selecting your images so that they support your key messages and bid strategy. Incidentally, there are some common mistakes to avoid, for instance, don’t include stock images of workers who are not wearing the correct work health and safety gear for the industry you work in.

Significant sector experience

We have significant experience in many sectors. Madrigal can also offer tender writing training and tender writing courses to clients that want to increase their organisations’ capabilities. We can also provide tender writing guides NSW or for other states in Australia. Other services we offer are technical writing to help with procedures and policiesweb and print writing and capability statements to complement your proposals.

If you want your work to be better considered make sure it is thorough and reads and looks professional. Madrigal can help you stand out.

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