How can I get my work life balance back?

Dear Tender Doctor,

How can I get my work life balance back? I work for a company where my responsibilities include both my substantive job and the additional task of writing tender submissions. The workload has become overwhelming, and I fear it’s taking a toll on my work life balance.

Juggling the demands of my regular job and the complexities of tendering has become an uphill battle. The stress is becoming unbearable.

The pressure to deliver exceptional tender results is constant, and the stakes are high. I find myself working long hours, sacrificing personal time, and struggling to maintain a healthy balance.

I’m reaching out to you, dear Tender Doctor in the hopes that you can provide some insight into how I might alleviate this overwhelming burden and get my life back.

Yours truly,

Stressed & Tired Tender Manager



We all want to do well at work but still maintain a healthy life with family, friends and even time on your own with a good book and a glass of reasonable claret.

My advice is to hire a specialist tendering firm like Madrigal Communications. They will take the stress off you and improve your results. Not only will you get your life back but your tendering success rate will go up considerably.


Navigating the intricacies of tender writing demands time and expertise. By engaging Madrigal you can offload this responsibility to seasoned professionals, knowing the quality of your bids will not diminish. It will most likely improve.


Madrigal manages bids with meticulous attention to detail. A rigorous professional approach is applied that allows you to go home knowing things are being managed properly.


Madrigal brings a level of knowledge and precision that ensures that each tender is crafted with a keen understanding of the client’s industry, increasing the likelihood of success.


Efficiency is the cornerstone of a well-balanced work life. Madrigal streamlines workflows and uses best practice methods to create a more efficient and time-sensitive approach for your team in their tender writing. This  translates into reduced stress for you and all your people.

In conclusion, dear Stressed & Tired Tender Manager, to get you work life balance back you should get some professionals to help with your tendering—it is a win-win. I recommend Madrigal Communications to you to get all the benefits of outsourcing.

Yours faithfully

The Tender Doctor