Tender for body security scanners

The Tasmanian Department of Justice is seeking to engage a suitably qualified provider to supply and install low-dose, whole-body, body security scanners in four facilities in Tasmania.

Scope of tender

The scanners must be delivered and installed as a “turn-key” project. Therefore they must be fully operational, calibrated, and tested in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. The four locations are: 

  • Hobart Reception Prison
  • Launceston Reception Prison
  • Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison
  • Ashley Youth Detention Centre

The body security scanner specification is very detailed but includes the following requirements. They must:

  • be modular in design for easy installation and maintenance
  • give a whole body image of the person (360° scan of the person) from head to toe with no need for multiple scans
  • operate from 50 Hz electrical frequency with protection device and isolation capability
  • be capable of continuous operation (24/7) without undue heating, vibration, noise, wear, corrosion, electromagnetic interferences etc (operational availability must be 95% or better)
  • removable media used by the system (e.g. back up tapes or portable USB devices) must be protected by encryption

Body security scanners tender requirements

Tenderers must be licensed to sell, service, repair and install radiation apparatus in Tasmania. They must be authorised by the Radiation Protection Act 2005 to issue certifications of compliance for new radiation apparatus.

Tenderers, their employees and contractors must hold all appropriate certifications, accreditations, registration and licences necessary.

Suppliers of the body security scanners do not necessarily need to be a Tasmanian business but need to demonstrate the benefit they can bring to the Tasmanian community.

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