Ten great things a brochure can do for you

1. Tell everyone what you do

A brochure can describe what you do in more detail than your website. You may have the detail on your website but do people look for it?

2. Remind your customers about your products and services

A brochure is a good way to present your products and services in detail.

3. Tell your customers what special deals you have

Using a brochure in a letter drop to promote a special is still a way to get some publicity.

4. Tell everyone why they should buy from you

Tell everyone why they should buy from you  in a targeted promotional document.

5. Show everyone how great you are

A flyer that strongly promotes your benefits can be appropriate in certain circumstances where you have permission to hard sell.

6. Introduce you to new customers

Create handout brochures to interest new customers if you are at an event or conference.

7. Explain how to find out more about you

A brochure can be a great teaser to get people to visit your website or ring you for more advice.

8. Explain how to contact you

A really short document might just be a mnemonic to get people to call you. Almost a large business card.

9. Build your relationships

Using a brochure to promote your relationship with other businesses can build trust.

10. Create customer loyalty

Create customer loyalty by providing interesting and relevant information.