Supply of general duty police motorcycles – SAPOL

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) is seeking replace their general duty police motorcycles using a three-year contract with two three-year extension options (3+3+3—a potential contract term of nine years) with a sole supplier.

Background to SA police motorcycle tender

Currently, SAPOL uses 33 motorcycles with 36 regular riders for traffic, escort, and response duties. The bikes cover around 900,000 kilometres yearly attending community events and in policing activities.

Motorcycles help SAPOL reach places and situations where regular police cars can’t go. For instance:

  • during the Tour Down Under, motorcycles close roads which would be impossible with cars—this approach has been adopted by police from other nations for similar events (for instance the Tour de France)
  • policing public demonstrations and protests is easier with motorcycles, which can navigate through crowds and access areas more easily than cars
  • in traffic policing they hide more easily for speed detection in residential areas and manoeuvre through traffic to catch mobile phone users, seat belt offenders, and repeat traffic offenders
  • for traffic control, in situations where accidents block busy roads, they can access sites where cars can’t

Procurement objectives

The goal is to get new general duty motorcycles that meet SAPOL’s operational needs for a specific contract period.

Scope of SA police motorcycle tender

SAPOL aims to replace its current fleet of general duty police motorcycles. SAPOL will only consider two-wheel motorcycles. A summary of the key requirements:

  • Two-wheel configuration
  • Capable of on-road registration in all Australian states and territories without modification
  • Must be delivered to SAPOL registered for use in South Australia
  • Must conform to state and federal road traffic act regulations
  • Full instrumentation including fuel and temperature gauges, tachometer, calibrated speedometer and appropriate warning lights and gauges
  • White paintwork required, but coloured options may be needed for specific initiatives
  • Minimum of five forward gears suitable for police duties, including slow-speed patrol work
  • Side and centre stands must support the motorcycle on bituminous surfaces in extreme heat
  • Must incorporate a safety switch preventing operation with the side stand down
  • Front near-side emergency flashing light must be blue; off-side, red; rear emergency light must be blue
  • Front and rear emergency lights must be high-performance LED type
  • Short-listed tenderers to provide at least one unmarked general duty police motorcycle for assessment (evaluation motorcycle delivery within 4 weeks)

Need help with your tender?

The tender closes 8 March 2024. Madrigal has experience in government and private tenders for vehicle and emergency service procurement. Call us if you need help with your tender.