Strategic REZ readiness assessments Queensland

The Queensland Department of Energy and Public Works (EPW) seeks collaboration with a qualified supplier to undertake strategic REZ (Renewable Energy Zones) readiness assessments across three REZ regions: North and Far North, Central, and Southern. The assessments, conducted in collaboration with regional and local communities, are important in building social acceptance for the projects.

Background to REZ readiness assessments

The Queensland Government has recently proposed the Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023, emphasising the establishment of renewable energy zones (REZs) across the state. The bill introduces a legislative framework, including the initiation of REZ readiness assessments to guide future developments.

The REZ readiness assessments, integrated into Queensland Government projects, aim to identify opportunities for renewable energy development. The assessments will be conducted with a whole-of-government approach, featuring strong Queensland Government branding.

The process includes strategic evaluations of infrastructure, transport, housing, workforce, supply chains, waste management, and social infrastructure, aiming for a comprehensive understanding of each region’s unique considerations.

The core of a REZ readiness assessment will be a strategic and cumulative impact assessment (CIA) of a broad region or a specific REZ development. The cumulative impact may be the impact of multiple renewable energy projects within a REZ on the electricity transmission network and also on broader infrastructure.

Phased approach for delivery

The delivery of REZ Readiness Assessments follows a phased approach.

Phase 1, from Dec 2023 to Febr 2024, focuses on establishing governance structures, developing methodologies, and creating project and engagement plans.

Phase 2, commencing in mid-2024, concentrates on the strategic assessment of the Central Queensland REZ Region and the detailed assessment of a proposed pilot REZ.

EPW aims to complete the assessments for the North and Far North REZ Region and the Southern REZ Region by the end of 2024.

Collaborative project team

EPW will establish a flexible, collaborative and responsive project team, including the selected supplier. Also the team will need to exchange information, provide progress updates, and seek feedback.

Technical expertise & knowledge transfer

The selected supplier will play a crucial role in providing project management oversight, technical advice, knowledge sharing, and stakeholder engagement expertise. Additionally, the supplier is tasked with upskilling EPW employees to support the delivery of remaining assessments. The emphasis is on developing implementable, repeatable, and adaptable assessments.

Tender assistance for REZ readiness assessments

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