Making social media work

Madrigal Communications can help you with your social media (SM) strategy. SM is continually evolving and has endless potential for business marketing and communications. Although the online world changes almost with the seasons it does not have to be overwhelming if you keep your strategy simple.
Don’t blindly listen to SM gurus who sing the praises of particular channels and platforms. Remember that new media principles are exactly the same as old media principles: you have to tailor your message to the medium that is most likely to be read by your clients.

The Madrigal approach to social media

Madrigal Communications recommends that for a business undertaking a SM strategy the first step is creating regular online content. The content is used to drive web traffic and start a conversation which in turn builds audience and relationships.

Start with the big three

A business wanting to develop a social media strategy needs to participate in the current “big three” SM platforms or channels. The big three are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, like all marketing channels, you must first know your audience and tailor your message to them. All social media channels are not the same: B2B should focus on LinkedIn while referral businesses should focus on Facebook.

Social media challenges and opportunities

Social networking for business is new and changing all the time. Many people in business and the corporate world are sceptical, and sometimes even frightened of it.
Businesses, quite rightly, are frightened of the casualness of SM relationships. It can have a strong influence on business reputation. However, they need to provide easy channels into their business and must engage digitally with their clients.

Social media on mobiles

The growth of the mobile (smart-phone) audience has presented many new opportunities. With people spending less time on computer screens there is reduced focus on text and an increase in image and video-based storytelling.

Power of location-based social media

Location-based information gives retailers huge opportunities to engage with people in their shops and locations that online businesses can’t.

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