WA Shark notification and response system tender


The Shark Response Unit (SRU), Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is responsible for delivering the Western Australian (WA) Government’s shark hazard mitigation strategy, including managing the Shark Notification and Response System (SNRS).

The SNRS consists of several interrelated, ageing information technology systems that are also used by WA Water Police and Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA) to assist people in making decisions about their water activities.

SNRS was developed in 2013. However, it has received little investment since, despite new capabilities and technologies being available.

Existing shark notification and response system

Some of the SNRS components are no longer supported by vendors and are unreliable. The system is repeatedly failing and is dependent on department staff who understand the system quirks to maintain it.

There is a high level of manual monitoring of the systems. There is little integration between systems, leading to data duplication and lengthy information validation processes.

The SNRS provides limited reporting capabilities. Data is sourced from multiple platforms making it impossible to extract data easily to respond to enquiries.

Requirements of the shark notification and response system tender

A new fit-for-purpose, cloud-based system is needed to provide reliable and up-to-date information on shark activity and vital public safety warnings (tender number DPIRD2024106).

The new digital platform will improve management of DPIRD’s shark notification, tagging systems and infrastructure management. It will replace the Reported Sighting System (RSS). The RSS is used to record reported shark sightings and support the existing Shark Monitoring Network.

Reported sightings and tagged shark detection information will be issued via text message to key stakeholders and published on the SharkSmart WA app, a new SharkSmart website and SLSWA X (Twitter) feed. This new system will also consolidate existing databases to improve reporting capabilities.

The proposal must meet these project objectives:

  • Design, implement and support a web platform to replace current system
  • Create a system to manage assets, including tags, towers and receiver details and attributed data
  • Redesign and rebuild the existing SharkSmart website and its content management system
  • Integrate the new systems with the existing SharkSmart WA app to maintain full functionality
  • Integrate with industry standard reporting solutions, e.g. Microsoft PowerBI to support reporting needs
  • Create an integrated contact management system for all content distribution pathways

Assistance with your tender

The shark notification and response system tender closes on 16 July 2024. Madrigal Communications has significant experience in tendering in the IT sector and natural resource management areas.