Madrigal Communications’ Seven Ps of Tendering

The Seven Ps is a well-established framework in marketing. It is associated with product or service promotion to the marketplace. The Madrigal Communications concept of successful tender writing is to treat the tender as a marketing exercise to just the one client. Therefore, we apply these fundamental principles to create the the Seven Ps of Tendering.

We define the Seven Ps of Tendering in the following way with the traditional marketing “Ps” in brackets for reference.

PRODUCT (Product)

The tangible or intangible goods or services that a company offers to its target market. It includes aspects such as design, features, packaging, branding, and quality. You need to make sure your tender offering is clearly defined.

PRICE (Price)

The value of the product or service and setting a price that is attractive to the customer while also considering profitability. In competitive tendering it is important for you to demonstrate the price-to-risk relationship to buyers.


Differentiate your organisation’s tender from competitors by strategically positioning yourself. Clearly communicate your strengths, expertise, and unique selling points. You need to show why your organisation is the best fit for the project and how you can add value.

PROPOSAL (Promotion)

Develop a compelling and tailored proposal that addresses the client’s needs and requirements. Ensure your proposal stands out by highlighting your unique value proposition, relevant experience, and capabilities. Emphasize the benefits and advantages your organization can provide to the client.

PEOPLE (People)

People refers to the individuals who are involved in delivering the product or service, including employees (design, construct, maintain, operate). The competence, qualifications and customer-oriented approach of these individuals are crucial in selling the quality of your service. Hence we put particular emphasise into the presentation of CVs in tenders.


The procedures, systems, and processes involved in delivering the product or service to customers. It includes aspects such as order processing, customer service procedures, service delivery methods, and quality control processes. Hence we put effort into developing comprehensive and clear methodologies (with an emphasis on quality management).

PROOF (Physical evidence)

The tangible elements that contribute to the customer’s perception of the product or service. In a tender this relies heavily on  your presentation of the material by way of substantiation of the messaging with proof and strong visual imaging.

Tendering is a competitive process where organisations submit proposals to win contracts or projects from potential clients. By modifying the mainstream Seven Ps of marketing, we have developed a strategic and comprehensive approach to tendering—Madrigal Communications’ Seven Ps of Tendering. This aligns with clients’ needs, differentiates their proposals, and enhances their chance of success.