South Australian project and contract management (PSAPMCM) panel

The South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) is inviting companies to become part of Contract No. 19C171 – Preferred Supply Arrangement Project Management and Contract Management (PSAPMCM).

To be considered eligible for PSAPMCM, your company should be able to demonstrate the necessary skills, management systems, and relevant experience in project management and contract management. Companies can submit applications at any time during the open period of PSAPMCM.

DIT states that while getting approval for an application doesn’t guarantee work. The panel approval ensures that the project management and contract management services offered align with the DIT requirements.

Understanding how the PSAPMCM project works

Once PSAPMCM is established, a secondary procurement process will begin to gather responses for work order requests from PSAPMCM members. These work order requests will be tailored to specific services needed, and jobs will be assigned based on the type of service required.

Assessing PSAPMCM risk and how things are managed

The risk associated with the procurement process for PSAPMCM is considered low. The services being sought are routine and well-established in South Australia’s market.

Organisations that agree to follow DIT’s terms and conditions are encouraged to apply. Additionally, PSAPMCM will operate under a comprehensive governance framework to ensure effective management. The use of capped rates is aimed at keeping expenses in check, and a dedicated full-time resource will oversee the management of PSAPMCM.

Variety of jobs and where they’re located

DIT can request different types of jobs, ranging from individual projects to bundled multiple projects, based on what’s needed. These jobs can be located in metropolitan as well as rural areas across South Australia. Some assignments may require work in specific environments, like rail corridors or traditional lands.

How offers are evaluated and different candidate levels

The process for evaluating work order offers follows a clear structure:

  • Candidates are assessed for their suitability based on their experience and capabilities
  • Suitable candidates are then evaluated using the comparative pricing method
  • In some cases, DIT might ask for a best and final offer (BAFO) before the work is awarded

Different levels of candidates are sought for PSAPMCM, each requiring specific skills and experience. These levels include:

  • Level A: Candidates with strong commercial and technical capabilities for complex roles.
  • Level B: Candidates with demonstrated capability for Project Management and Contract Management roles.
  • Level C: Candidates for client-side Project Management and Contract Management roles.
  • Level D: Candidates with the ability to undertake client-side roles or Site Manager positions.
  • Level E: Highly skilled candidates with specialized expertise and extensive experience.

Encouraging industry participation and involvement

Companies looking to take part must comply with the South Australian Industry Participation Policy (SAIPP). This policy aims to offer opportunities to capable SA enterprises, boosting industry engagement and economic contributions. The Industry Advocate supports building resilient supply chains through diversification and innovation, benefiting both the government and participating companies.

Assistance with your PSAPMCM application

DIT seeks strong and efficient collaborations with suppliers. Involvement in the panel will open doors to government projects in SA. Madrigal Communications has strong experience and success in construction and professional services tenders. Call us if you need assistance or advice.