Rockhampton water strategy consultancy tender

Rockhampton & Gracemere long-term water treatment & distribution strategy—Tender no. TEN15302

Rockhampton Regional Council has published an invitation to tender for supply of consultancy services to develop the Rockhampton and Gracemere Long-term Water Treatment and Distribution Strategy. The consultancy service is highly specified with the scope including four phases of information gathering and consultation before the production of a draft and final report.

Potable water is currently supplied to Rockhampton, Gracemere, the Caves and the Capricorn Coast via the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant. Water is pumped via the Glenmore High Lift WPS across the network to a range of reservoirs that distribute to the wider network via trunk distribution mains.

The Rockhampton network is serviced by the pumped supply from the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant (GWTP) high lift pump station. The GWTP services an extensive zone and also directly supplies the following service reservoirs located throughout the network.

The Gracemere network is serviced by a gravity supply from the Old Mawdesley Hill reservoir and a pumped supply from the Lucas Street reservoir via the Lucas Street pump station. Gracemere receives potable water from the GWTP.

The Glenmore Water Treatment plant provides potable water to Livingstone Shire Council through the Caves main to Mt Charlton, and Yeppoon via the Rockhampton – Yeppoon Pipeline. Supply to the Caves is consistent and regular supply via a 900mm water main from Yaamba Reservoir.

Rockhampton water strategy consultancy objectives

Objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • meet requirements of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008
  • review the existing scheme and assess performance against requirements
  • understand the risk profile of the water treatment, supply and distribution infrastructure
  • review proposed water supply projects against forecast growth to 2047
  • identify the infrastructure needed for the future
  • estimate the capital cost of proposed future water infrastructure

Rockhampton water strategy consultancy scope

Phase 1

Technical memo containing the review of existing studies and information, and potential gaps in understanding.

Phase 2

Technical report and mapping outputs of the Rockhampton Region Water Supply network highlighting:

  • review of the current network operations
  • agreed criteria for redundancy and critical infrastructure
  • performance under future demands
  • network capacity constraints

Phase 3

Technical report and mapping outputs confirming the required water infrastructure to meet the future demands and achieve the decision support systems for the Rockhampton Region Water Supply network.

Phase 4

Prioritised program of works containing identified projects, estimates and anticipated timeframes for delivery.

Draft report

A draft report for review by the client and relevant stakeholders combining all the previous reports into a single document.

Final report

A final report addressing comments received from client and other stakeholders containing

  • Schematic maps
  • Concept designs
  • Cost estimates
  • MCA analysis
  • Model scenario files used to develop the report
  • Recommendations and future staging

The final deliverables to include a final report, all input data including ground survey, water network model data for all scenarios, design calculations for civil, mechanical and electrical components (if applicable), AutoCAD files of design drawings.

The Rockhampton water strategy consultancy tender is due 2:00 pm Wednesday 14 December 2022. Madrigal has considerable experience in the water and wastewater sector.