Release of the NSW Government’s On Street Transit White Paper

Our Principal, Tim Entwisle, attended the launch of the NSW Government’s On Street Transit White Paper by Business Western Sydney and Transport for NSW on 23 October 2023. Tim was a guest of the Parramatta Business Chamber.  Many of Madrigal Communications’ clients are  highly engaged with developing transport infrastructure in Western Sydney.

The white paper aims to articulate the role and potential of on-street transit. On-street transit refers to all forms of mass transit using the street network including light rail and buses. The white paper It has been released to stimulate discussion and debate of key issues and potential solutions and to call for the community to build on the ideas in the paper. The debate will help the government formulate a new direction for on-street transit.

The launch of the NSW Government's "On Street Transit" White Paper in Parramatta.On-street transit refers to all forms of mass transit using the street network including light rail and buses. It is NSW’s second largest mode of transport, accounting for 46 per cent or over 138 million trips annually across NSW. Everyone is a potential bus passenger: there are over six million people living within 800 metres of a bus stop across the Six Cities today, representing 97.5 per cent of the population. If the system is well-funded and upgraded, more people will find value in using it.

NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen officially launched the paper in front of an audience of 160 leaders in industry, business and community. She introduced the white paper by saying:

More than 138 million trips are taken on our bus and on-street transit network each year, we can’t grow our communities properly if our bus network isn’t meeting demand.

Five key moves for transformation

The On Street Transit White Paper identifies five key moves to transform bus services across the state.

Evolve services and infrastructure over time

Focusing on providing essential public transport services and infrastructure ahead of growing population demand in a staged approach. Providing clearer customer information and more seamless interchanging opportunities. Developing innovative solutions for first and last mile journeys.

Grow network demand and capacity

Providing priority access for on-street transit when planning for population growth. Align fleet type with demand and needs of the community. Invest in technology to uplift customer experience and operations planning.

Deliver new permanent high-quality routes

Develop a priority list for 39 rapid bus routes that balance population growth support and developing new connections in Greater Sydney.

Grow the city along permanent high-quality routes

Identify on-street transit support for medium-density housing areas. Investment in upgrades to bus stop accessibility. Plan for and deliver public transport capable streets.

Create enabling funding and partnerships

Implement strategies to support private operator performance. Improve coordination of asset management, including depots and layovers.

It was a thought provoking presentation. The consultation is open for contributions and submissions until 25 November 2023.