In July (2021) we ran a poll on Linked IN. We wanted to get any feedback on businesses attitude to tendering. The poll asked my Linked IN network if they had considered tendering in 2021 (essentially whether they should use a tender writer). If they hadn’t what had stopped them? Was it too hard, too much work, no access to skills or all of these.

The feedback from the survey showed 36% of respondents thought tendering was too much work. Although, 50% thought it was a combination of all, being too hard, too much work and having no access to the required skills.

These results aren’t surprising and it is why many organisations use Madrigal Communications to help them win work. Because of the overwhelming challenges of tendering to many organisations, seeking professional help makes tendering a far more profitable solution.

By using tender writers it makes the proposal writing process much simpler. This is why our tender writers help our clients to assemble information and shape it into the format the customer is looking for. Quite often we need to create process documentation for the client to accurately record they processes and procedures.  And this is where our technical writing skills become important.

By using an agency we can provide extra hands on the project. This can reduce the work of your own staff. However, your people still have to provide the content knowledge to show how you will provide the goods or services.

Madrigal can also offer bespoke tender writing training to clients that want to increase their organisation’s capabilities. So contact us if you need help.