Personality business

What does personality mean?

Personality is quite an old word being first recorded in English about 1400. It means the characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s character or the qualities that make someone interesting or popular. Or as Carl Jung would have it:

the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being.

What gives you your personality? How you relate to people, what you believe in, how you behave, what you say…

What is business personality

People judge your personality by what they see and hear. Your business is the same. Customers choose you because they like you and can trust you. How do they judge your business? By what they see and hear. This can be more about emotion than rationality as it is more like a relationship than a transaction. This is essentially your brand. As a brand it needs to be:

  • Memorable and easy to identify
  • Authentic in what it represents
  • Identifiable and unique
  • Trustworthy and relatable

The importance of your business story

Storytelling is an important aspect of the business personality. To gain trust with people businesses need to be populated by people, not processes and procedures. An important way to stand-out with your target audience and connect with customers is to tell the story of the individuals that started your business and that run it and work with the customers. This sort of storytelling makes it easier for your customers to see your business personality.

A consistent brand

The other thing about a business personality is that it should be consistent. A business image that’s constantly changing becomes a Jekyll and Hyde—one minute good the next not identifiable.  So it is important to keep your personality consistent in your marketing, your online presence and in the way your people behave with clients and prospects. Keeping your business identity and brand consistent is known as corporate communications.

That is why you need a good image, good branding, consistent messaging and good communications.