E-tendering and Government Tenders NSW

Definition of open tendering in NSW

Open tendering is when an organisation makes a request (usually a request for tender in NSW or RFT) to all interested parties in the market to submit a proposal to them to supply goods or services. Open tendering is important because it gives organisations access to the large contracts offered by Australian Government organisations. Private sector organisations also select suppliers using open tender but not on the same scale as Governments.

The advantage of open tendering in NSW

An open tender is open to the whole market, which is an advantage for new businesses wanting to get new contracts. Governments have an obligation to frequently test the market to choose the suppliers that give the best value and also to prevent a closed shop. Businesses should see open tendering as an opportunity to sell their goods and services into the public sector. (When we talk about e-tendering NSW [Tenders NSW] we refer to the tendering NSW website, which is an online portal for the NSW government in Sydney.)

Government open tenders in Australia

Open tenders are publicised in Sydney and national newspapers and online. You should enrol on Government websites to receive notifications or newsletters of tenders relevant to your business. The Australian Government tender site, AusTender, www.tenders.gov.au publishes Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts awarded. Each state government has its own tendering site:

Registering your information on some or all of these sites is highly recommended if you are looking for Government work.

Most local Governments also have their own tender pages. There are also commercial organisations who provide access to all tenders available in the market for a small fee.

Tenders NSW

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