NSW Public Service Commission—leadership training (ELE)

The NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) is seeking service providers to co-design, develop and deliver the Executive Leadership Essentials (ELE) program to senior executives as part of their Leadership Academy. The program provides key messages around what it means to be a public sector leader, critical onboarding information and cross-sector networking opportunities.

Current situation

Senior executives in the NSW public sector are experiencing unprecedented complexities, rapid change, and significant opportunities for delivering greater services and value to the citizens of NSW. Leadership is one of the most important contributors of high performing organisations.

The PSC’s Leadership Academy offers the Executive Leadership Essentials (ELE) program to all new senior executives across the sector. The program is a key tool to provide executives who are new to public sector or new to executive roles with critical messaging and access to important information that supports their on-boarding.

ELE was first piloted in 2014 to address senior executive capability development needs in the areas of leadership and stewardship, finance and procurement, customer service focus, cross-boundary collaboration, and public interaction.

Requirements of the ELE program

Service providers will need to describe how their design will:

  • provide a positive and robust on-boarding experience for new Senior Executives in the NSW public service
  • deliver key information that participants need to know to meet their obligations, that is contextualised to current priorities and challenges
  • ensure accessibility for employees across NSW
  • facilitate networking opportunities
  • challenge participants and encourage a sector mindset
  • be fully inclusive and culturally appropriate for all diversity groups

Providers will demonstrate a systematic approach to the design of the the Executive Leadership Essentials which includes clear objectives, targeted content and capability uplift supported by research and insight around requirements and obligations for NSW senior executives.

Need assistance or advice

Madrigal has significant experience and success in writing tenders for professional services organisations offering training to the public sector (we are also experienced in delivering training on tendering). Contact me if you need help with your tender.