Mungo National Park goat mustering project—NPWS

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in Buronga is currently looking for a dedicated goat mustering contractor to help manage the goat population in Mungo National Park and Mungo State Conservation Area.

Feral goats pose significant challenges by competing with native animals for resources, causing soil erosion, impacting vegetation, and threatening cultural heritage sites. NPWS aim to control their numbers through mustering as part of their Regional Pest Management Strategy.

Scope of goat mustering work

The selected supplier will be responsible for monthly goat mustering. Failure to meet these requirements may result in contract termination. Certain areas, such as homesteads, visitor areas, and culturally sensitive sites, may have restrictions or exclusion from mustering activities.

Supply of goods & services

NPWS expects the supplier to muster and remove all feral goats from the reserve, regardless of their commercial value. The use of the online national vendor declaration (NVD) process and on-time submission of monthly reports are mandatory. Operational costs, including transport and levy fees, will be borne by the supplier.

Use of vehicles

All motor vehicles used during mustering activities must be registered, roadworthy, and have legible plates. Utility terrain vehicles (UTV) must comply with safety features and NPWS policy, while all-terrain vehicles (ATV) are prohibited. Drivers and riders must hold current NSW licenses.

Performance management and reporting

NPWS will assess supplier performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs), including accurate and timely goat mustering reports, representation of all goat demographics, and adherence to animal welfare codes and procedures. Unscheduled inspections will ensure compliance.

Special conditions

Special conditions include providing a 24-hour notice before conducting goat mustering activities, restrictions on erecting structures, prohibiting animals other than mustering dogs, and a ban on firearms. Humane treatment of animals, timely submission of monthly reports, and compliance with directions and safe work practices are essential.

Getting help with your tender

Madrigal has several writers with specific knowledge of natural resource management including feral animal management. Contact us if you need help. Submissions are due on 10 July 2023.