Easy-to-read manuals and handbooks

Madrigal specialises in technical writing. We will help you to write safety manuals, operational manuals, training manuals, staff handbooks and software manuals.

Let us help you to produce easy-to-read, plain English documents. Because our technical writers have high-level management experience, they will easily assist your content experts in organising and structuring your documents. This creates accessible documents and easy-to-read information that will guide your staff or customers.

The Madrigal approach to writing handbooks and manuals

We write manuals and handbooks in plain English. It provides accessible and easy-to-read information and guidance for your staff or customers. Plain English makes the content accessible for both beginners and experts. We always avoid jargon because it is not always understood by the wider audience. Handbooks and manuals need to be structured and well written as they function as step-by-step guides for first time readers as well as detailed references for the experienced.

The importance of diagrams and infographics

We very much believe that a picture tells a thousand words. So when our technical writers create manuals and handbooks (where there are a lot of complex and often repetitious ideas to be explained) we include diagrams, illustrations and infographics to help make them easier to understand. Diagrams may include workflow diagrams (or flowcharts) that follow established formats to explain procedures; or graphs that show how numerical relationships work. Infographics are a modern take on combining illustrations with data to make information easier to understand.

Using workflow diagrams

The Business Dictionary defines a workflow diagram (wfd) as the graphical depiction of steps taken, time spent, distance travelled and other parts of the way a particular piece of work is done. They are very easy way to show how business tasks should be done. The following workflow is an example of a procedure for the tendering process.

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