Malabar System Investment Program


Sydney Water has developed the Malabar System Investment Program (MSIP) to address wastewater servicing in the Malabar Wastewater System. It consists of a system-wide solution for long-term growth servicing and system compliance to building resilience, liveability and suitability for Sydney and enabling a more circular economy.

Sydney Water Corporation has just released the advanced notice of procurement memorandum—Malabar System Investment Program – Glenfield and Liverpool WRRF Upgrade – Advanced Notice of Procurement – WS4287571901 – SWC-WS4287571901. It aims to enable market procurement readiness and allow potential organisations to undertake teaming arrangements, assemble resources, assess risks and devise their best plans for responding to this opportunity.

Purpose of the MSIP

The MSIP has been planning for the critical “near-term” needs of the Malabar System to address the population growth in the Malabar catchment, environmental compliance, and network capacity in the North Georges River Submain (NGRS).

The long-term program of work is based on a series of adaptive pathways that facilitate the future transformation of water services to a circular economy.

Sydney Water intends to deliver the Glenfield Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) Upgrade (P1) and Liverpool WRRF Upgrade (P2) of the MSIP “Near-Term” Works as a single package  via a program alliance (the form of contract will be the NEC4 Alliance Contract).

The model enables Sydney Water and its alliance partners to address the near-term needs of the Malabar System, while allowing Sydney Water to incorporate future programs of work that align the wastewater systems to future disconnection options through purified recycled water or environmental release.

Proposed outcomes of the MSIP

The project will allow Sydney Water to achieve the following outcomes:

  • provide treatment capacity to service growth to 2046 and allow increased network capacity in the NGRS
  • reducing the frequency of wet weather discharge and odour emissions in line with Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) requirements
  • provide near-term investment for future system pathways such as purified recycled water and environmental release
  • provide water to the Aquanet plant at Fairfield

Madrigal has both technical and tendering experience in water and wastewater treatment infrastructure projects. Water projects are our favourites—Principal, Tim Entwisle, was a scientific officer in Sydney Water’s Drinking Water Program and managed some R&D work on the Prospect Water Treatment Plant as well as at Thames Water.

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