Madrigal Communications assisted a tier two commercial builder to win a large construction tender with Veolia.

Winning a large construction tender

Madrigal Communications helped a Sydney tier-two construction firm prepare an industrial commercial construction tender for Veolia. The contract value was approximately $100 million and a substantial contract for the client.

Client requirement

The construction firm engaged Madrigal Communications to advise on the bid strategy, undertake technical writing and to assist with the presentation of the bid.

Our successful approach

Madrigal Communications uses a systematic approach to tender responses. In strategically scoping the work with several of the firm’s senior people we first determined their strengths and weaknesses. We also identified their major competitors and the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Using this information we developed a competitive win strategy and formulated the bid themes.

We emphasised the firm’s reputation for reliability with the technical competency of their main sub-contractor.  We also comprehensively listed the credentials of their key personnel and the corporate capabilities in delivering projects to tight deadlines.

Our consultant also analysed the RFT document and recommended the level of detail required to complete the bid. They recommended using more detailed case studies that documented the firm’s innovations and unique approaches rather than their more pictorial approach.

We edited the whole document and wrote the executive summary to ensure that the themes and the detail were consistent. We also advised on the presentation of a construction animation that accompanied the bid—identifying several areas to improve accessibility issues.

We recommended a higher level of presentation and production than their existing document templates and the use of a more suitable brand image for the bid. We managed the design and oversaw the production of the document.

Outcome—a winning construction tender

We produced a comprehensive tender response with distinctive and more appropriate presentation than their normal house style. The proposal was successful in getting the firm shortlisted and they went on to win. The contract value was approximately $100 million and was one of the biggest tenders they had ever won (we consequently have helped them win another similar sized contract).