Let us segue

In writing and public speaking, a segue is a method of seamlessly moving from one topic to another. A segue takes the reader to the next topic smoothly and without an uncomfortable or illogical jump.

A good segue makes the subject change seem like a natural extension of the discussion. There are lots of ways of segueing from one subject to another. Here are some examples:

  • relationships and structure—establish a pattern at the beginning that explains how each part fits in and then use that structure to move between related topics
  • compare and contrast—we have talked about that but now are talking about this—if the topics are very different explain the difference
  • linking—find a common theme between the unrelated stories (this is much needed in news broadcasting and in dj-ing music)

Surprisingly, segue is a modern word having evolved from a musical term to a language term via academic jargon in the 1980s. It has since found its way into mainstream usage, particularly in the media.

The Chasers War on Everything did a segment on Today Tonight’s Anna Coren’s segues. They were impressed with her link between an abused Ukranian swimmer and a lettuce grower that went something like:

…we all saw how she felt and felt for her. Sometimes rules aren’t always wise, as we thought when we examined the case of a lettuce grower shot down by the council…

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