Jesmond Neighbourhood Centre—TEI program

The NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) is extending an invitation to industry bodies to participate in a transformative program. It is aimed at enhancing the lives of vulnerable children, young people, families, and communities in the Newcastle local government area (LGA). Under the Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) Program, the DCJ is seeking a dedicated service provider to partner in fostering positive change and community well-being.

Targeted earlier intervention program

Every local community has different priorities and needs. So the TEI program needs to be flexible, responsive and locally based. Services are delivered under two broad streams:

Community Strengthening—activities that build cohesion, inclusion and wellbeing across all communities, and empower Aboriginal communities

Wellbeing and Safety—activities that support families and individuals and provide opportunities for personal development

The mission

The Jesmond Neighbourhood Centre will be used as a hub for centre-based TEI activities delivered. It is readily accessible to children, young people, their families and communities.

With a commitment to a locally based approach, the service provider will facilitate targeted activities and support services, catering to the unique needs of at-risk individuals residing within the Newcastle LGA.

Empowering through services

The selected service provider will play a pivotal role in delivering a range of TEI targeted activities. These include advocacy and support, community engagement, education and skills training, information/advice/referral, and social participation. Therefore, the activities need to be designed to address immediate challenges and also nurture long-term positive outcomes for the community.

Collaboration and cultural sensitivity

Key to the success of the TEI is the establishment of partnerships with critical stakeholders. These will include  the departments of Education, Police, Health, and local support services. The service provider will also be entrusted with engaging and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, as well as the Aboriginal community, ensuring an inclusive and culturally sensitive approach.

Setting the stage for success

DCJ require a well-defined and strategic service delivery model. The successful candidate needs to outline a robust plan that harmonises with the TEI program specifications, guiding vulnerable children, young people, families, and communities toward a future marked by well-being and positive outcomes.

Service providers

Providers that possess expertise and experience in delivering impactful services to vulnerable communities are invited to respond. They must be able to engage with at-risk populations, understand their needs, and devise solutions that bring about transformative change.

Deadline and submission

Submissions should showcase skills, understanding, and capacity to deliver locally based services within the Newcastle LGA. Proposals are due 11am AEST Friday 1 September 2023.

Madrigal has strong experience and success in writing tenders the social service sector. Additionally, we also have specific experience with the DCJ Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) Program. If you need assistance with your proposal please contact me.