Queensland Infrastructure Building and Construction Panel (IBCP)

The Queensland Government is seeking applicants for its Infrastructure Building and Construction Panel (IBCP). The IBCP is a panel for suppliers that want to offer their services to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for engineering and construction projects. Services may include design, estimating, contract administration, project management, and environmental considerations.

IBPC is approved for use by other Queensland Government departments. However, it is not currently approved for use by Queensland Rail, all city councils and the Cross River Rail Authority.

The IBCP prequalification process is to categorie suppliers based on their technical skills, available resources, and managerial capabilities for these projects. Marketplace suppliers have additional categories where the supplier has met the required assessment criteria.

Engineering consultant scheme

The IBCP will replace the Engineering Consultant Scheme (ECS) which was first introduced in November 2014 and underwent significant changes in 2017.

The IBCP aims to maximise the benefits for government agencies and the industry based on feedback and knowledge gained from end-users. Under the ECS, organisations that want to offer competitive bids for engineering projects are registered in various categories. The goal of establishing the IBCP is to create a unified tender portal for infrastructure engineering services that supports both government customers and industry suppliers.

TMR is working with software partners VendorPanel to plan the transition, during which the ECS and the IBCP will run simultaneously for a short period. This approach will allow for the assessment of new prequalification categories, decommissioning of under-utilised categories, and the evaluation and inclusion of new suppliers in the IBCP.

Benefits for suppliers

Existing key prequalification categories, such as Consultants for Engineering Projects (CFEP), Contract Administration Services (CAS), and Environmental and Cultural Heritage Services, will continue as before.

New prequalification categories and roles will be added based on demand, such as Project Manager roles under the CAS category, Engineering and Technology Specialist services, and Transport Planning and Modelling Services.

New suppliers can join the IBCP at specified intervals, subject to successful prequalification applications starting in 2023.

The application process for suppliers will be simplified through the IBCP.

Short deadline

The Queensland Government has only given the market two weeks to apply. It was released 23 May 2023 and applications close 15 June.