What is inbound marketing?

Definition of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is when potential customers search out your business online. It is the opposite of outbound marketing where you approach them directly, through mailouts or cold calling. It works by offering information or expertise online that readers need or want that attracts them to your site.

How does it work?

What you are reading is part of Madrigal Communications’ inbound marketing strategy. Therefore, you are reading this article because I am providing you with relevant information and not primarily because you are interested in Madrigal Communications.

My payback is that, if you find the information useful, you may be interested in Madrigal Communications as a source of information in future.

If you recognise our expertise you may even consider using us for your business communications (a wise decision, may I say). You may even want to repost this page on your social media pages.

The ideal customer profile

You need to define your ideal customer profile (ICP) to get your inbound marketing well targeted. The ICP describes the characteristics of the businesses who are most likely to benefit from your business.

The importance of buyer persona in inbound marketing

The ICP will give you a general idea of what businesses to target in your  strategy. In addition you should look at the individuals in those businesses that you need to engage with. This requires you to build a buyer persona. They may be defined by a few characteristics:

  • Title and role—what is it that they do and what decisions can they make
  • Goals and motivations—what are they trying to achieve
  • Skill set and experience—what level of professional are they
  • Pain points and challenges—what are the problems they need to solve
  • Communication preferences—what is their likely source of information

The right content

You need to have the right content that offers insights and attracts customers. Once they have come to your site you need to have ways to engage them in using your business. You need a way of converting the reader to a prospect and even a customer. Good luck with your inbound marketing.