How to use public events to promote your business

Media buzz

You can use use public events to promote your business and your products and services to your customers. If you use public events to promote your business you can tap into the media attention that comes with the publicity given to the big events and you can get your customers to engage more with your business.

Tap into calendars of community events, cultural festivals, social awareness programs and significant days that the public celebrate. In Sydney (and NSW) we have a few unique events of our own.

Have fun and be creative

Many events are held to raise funds for charities (which is a good thing in itself and helps you give back to the community). If you use public events to promote your business it can provide opportunities to participate in fund-raising events and to get your customers to join in. They can be great fun. Be creative in creating themes and in following the most appropriate events for your business. Sporting events are good for fitness centres, social causes for law firms, children’s causes for just about everybody. Use your imagination to support a charity linked to your business.

Providing sponsorship

Sponsoring events gets your business name prominently displayed and the association with important events helps to build your reputation. Sponsorship can be major or minor depending on your budget and promotional intention.

Getting involved

Participating in events provides opportunities for media releases and to get your business name in the paper. Get involved in local or regional celebrations (to expose your business to customers and to show involvement with your community).

Try giveaways

Use tickets to shows, films or events as prizes in promotions or as gifts to your most valued customers.

Broaden your market

Getting involved in cultural festivals broadens your market and gets you involved in the wider community.

Use themes

Decorate your business premises with the theme of the festival, event or awareness day. Sell the charity products to help raise money. Get your staff to dress up. It creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Its all about being engaging

Businesses need to engage with their customers. This engagement builds trust, friendship and a long-term relationship. When you use public events to promote your business it can be an easy way to share experiences with your customers.