How to start your social media program

We often advise businesses on how to start your social media program. The biggest stumbling block for the managers is being able to delegate the Twitter or Facebook posting to their employees. The first thing that enters their mind is that they will be giving their employees permission to waste their day Facebooking their friends and posting their weekend party photos.

The reality is quite the opposite. Ask for volunteers to run your business’ Facebook or YouTube pages or Twitter feed and you will hear a pin drop. Ping. For most people social media is for fun and entertainment and work is the last thing they want to do with it.

But business leaders need to delegate social media to their employees. First people need to be trained about social networking and what it can achieve. Then they need to learn what kinds of messages and tactics work. They also need to understand that what they are doing is about helping build relationships with customers to promote the business. They are part of the marketing and sales processes that help support the business.

How to delegate social media to your staff

So how do you develop a social media strategy that you can delegate to your people? There are some basic things that you can do with your staff to start your social media program:

  • set some guidelines for your people about content, behaviour and time
  • make sure they understand privacy and confidentiality constraints
  • spend some time checking their first posts
  • encourage honesty and authenticity
  • monitor the time they spend, in the first months it should only be half an hour two or three times a week, writing a couple of posts, building a following and responding to queries and participating in conversations

Your content strategy is to provide information to your customers that shows them that you are the best business delivering your product or service. Credential yourself as a market leader, the expert, providing the most knowledge. You establish yourself as a leader and customers will come to you for your product. Good luck!