Heritage carpenter services for Queensland Parliament

Property Services (PS) of the Queensland Parliamentary Service has announced a tender opportunity for heritage carpenter services at the Queensland Parliament Precinct.

Scope of work – heritage carpenter services

The contractor will be responsible for applying heritage conservation principles and practices in carpentry and joinery. This includes the conservation of the building’s fabric and providing support for maintenance and new works.

Heritage importance

Queensland Parliament House is listed in the Queensland State Heritage Register due to its cultural significance. The goal of heritage conservation is to maintain the cultural importance of these historical assets for future generations to appreciate.

While adapting heritage buildings for contemporary use may be necessary, it is crucial to ensure that such changes do not compromise their heritage value. Therefore Property Services expects the heritage carpenter services contractors to align their work with the Parliament House Conservation Plan, Heritage Management plans, General Exemption Certificate: Qld Heritage Places, and Heritage Exemption Certificate requirements.

Effective communication with property management is important in avoiding conflicts related to heritage values and maintenance planning while preventing inadvertent damage.

Preserving heritage significance

Queensland Parliament House is valued for its historical, architectural, and cultural significance. Therefore, it is imperative that the chosen contractor manages the building with care, protecting the structure, external stonework, roofing, verandas, interior finishes (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, and fixtures), and all furniture, artwork, and objects.

Key requirements for heritage carpenter services

The preferred contractor should meet the following key requirements:

  • Work collaboratively and professionally, delivering high-quality trade work and advice on maintenance, new works, and the conservation of infrastructure and assets in accordance with the heritage plans
  • Apply traditional carpentry practices, materials, and techniques including conserving, repairing, and restoring heritage timberwork
  • Offer clear instructions, guidance, feedback, coaching, and on-the-job training to less qualified or experienced building & works staff
  • Be available to perform additional or ad-hoc services as required
  • Responsiveness to Customer Service Centre responses and feedback is essential
  • Provide a schedule of rates for works outside normal business hours, upgrade works, and managing potential scope changes throughout the contract term
  • Maintain clear and effective communication with Property Management throughout the project

The Queensland Parliamentary Service released the tender on 1 November and they required responses are required by 10.00 am 15 November 2023. Madrigal has had experience in writing for the heritage construction sector and can assist proponents with their proposals.