EOI to supply weed control services for flood affected areas of SA

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) has issued an invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) to supply weed control services for flood affected Eyre Peninsula and SA Arid Lands.

Background to the weed control project

In 2022 severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls from Cyclone Tiffany damaged much of South Australia. The more extreme storms causing disruption and damage to communities in the SA Arid Lands and Eyre Peninsula regions.

Many landholders still remain exposed to biosecurity risks. These include the establishment of new weeds and the spread and increased density of existing weeds.

A two-year coordinated weed control and pest management program is being implemented by Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) and the Landscape Boards. It aims to support the recovery of the flood affected regions. The weed control project aims to reduce the economic burden of weed and pest management on recovering landholders. It also aims to improve landholder capability and resilience to respond to future flood events.

Project objective

The contracted weed control works program will support landholders manage weed infestations on their properties. Successful contractors will work with landholders and PIRSA to determine a program of works that meet the need of the landholder and project objectives. Contractors will prioritise carrying out control in areas which are difficult to target with a large boom sprayer e.g., fence lines, gullies, paddocks, holding paddocks, roadsides, scrub margins, and along water courses.

Weed management activities required by contractors will typically include site assessments & surveying, spot spraying, small boom spraying, chainsaw operation, granule treatment, and manual removal methods. Other methods may be used depending on contractor capabilities, and site requirements.

Priority weed control species include:

  • African boxthorn
  • African lovegrass
  • caltrop
  • fleabane
  • horehound
  • invasive cacti species
  • onion weed
  • saffron thistle
  • silverleaf nightshade

Location of weed control works

The Flood Recovery Project boundary includes parts of the Kimba, Cleve, Franklin Harbour, and Gawler Ranges districts of South Australia.

Assistance with your proposal

The weed control tender closes 2 pm on Tuesday 9th July 2024  (South Australian Time) and the notification of successful contractors is to be by the end of July. Madrigal has considerable experience with sustainability projects.