Do you have a jaded tender team?

Tender writing is a critical aspect of securing opportunities for your organisation. But what happens when your team starts to get jaded? Burnout and complacency can jeopardise the quality of your proposals and, consequently, your chances of success so is it time to bring in a tender consultant? These six questions might help.

1. Are you experiencing a drop in win rates?

If your organisation’s win rates has been declining, it’s time to assess whether your in-house team is still effective. It could indicate that your jaded tender team is struggling to innovate and meet client expectations.

2. Are you up to date on industry trends & government policies?

Tendering requirements are constantly evolving as government policies and priorities change—e.g. employment diversity. Are you finding it challenging to keep up with the latest industry trends and best practices? Falling behind results in outdated proposals.

3. Are your proposals routine and formulaic?

Have you noticed that your proposals are beginning to look formulaic and lack creativity? Then surely your clients have also. When your team becomes accustomed to using templates and boilerplate, it hinders their ability to develop specific solutions for each opportunity.

4. Are you getting tender team burnout?

Overworked team members are less likely to produce high-quality proposals. Signs of burnout include decreased motivation, increased errors, or frequent absenteeism. Burned out employees are not going to do exceptional work when it is needed.

5. Are you struggling to meet deadlines?

Tight deadlines are a necessary aspect of tendering. If your team is consistently struggling to meet deadlines it’s a red flag that they may be failing to produce the quality work needed.

6. Are you struggling to get buy-in to your tender process?

Are your content matter experts reluctant to help contribute to tenders? Maybe they are not invested in your success. Perhaps their work is not supported, appreciated or recognised by the tender team.

Solution—use a tender consultant for important proposals

If you’ve answered YES to some of the questions above, it’s time to consider a change in your approach to tenders. Perhaps bringing in a tender consultant can be a strategic move to revitalise your proposals. They can assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses, help rekindle their creativity, and provide insights to enhance your proposals.

If your tender writing team is showing signs that they are not providing best-practice solutions you need to act. Outsourcing important proposals to a tender consultant can inject new life into your bids, increase your chances of success, and ultimately lead to more lucrative contracts and opportunities for your organisation. Don’t let a jaded tender team stand in the way of your future successes—explore the benefits of using tender consultants.

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