Decent exposure?

If you want to get noticed you need to expose yourself! To stand out from the crowd you need to show people what you have to offer. You need to be in the eye of your customers. This is exposure! Otherwise known as public relations.

I am talking about decent exposure; not the type that happens in parks. Unlike indecent exposure you don’t have to do outrageous things to get your point across.

There are two key ways that you can get exposure.

Advertise your services in the places that your customers will see them and in a way that will persuade your customers to buy. Easy if you do your research; not so easy if you don’t know the motivation and buying behaviour of your customers.

Public relations, PR, is a way of getting your business exposure to its customers. It needs to do so in a way that gives credibility and legitimacy to you or your business that advertising does not have. Public relations builds your reputation.

Media releases are important written communication tools we use to encourage the media to take an interest in your business. They are the basis of a public relations approach to get a business or organisation non-paid publicity. Media releases published in a newspaper or magazine are much more effective at building a business’ reputation than paid advertising and quite often cheaper. Audio or video pieces are the equivalent radio and television tools.

Getting exposure is the aim of marketing communications. If you want to get exposed talk to Madrigal Communications and we can make it happen.