Dampier Bulk Handling Facility (DBHF)

The Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) has just released the tender documents to invite interested parties to tender for provision of works related to the Dampier Bulk Handling Facility project. It consist of two key components—the Dampier Bulk Handling Facility (DBHF) and The Dampier Link Bridge. Funding for the projects comes from the Federal Government through a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan, complemented by an equity contribution from the WA Government.

The 2022-23 Federal Budget allocated $565 million to boost port infrastructure in the Pilbara region, especially in support of emerging green industries and technologies. The government has dedicated part of this to funding the Dampier Link Bridge and the refurbishment of the Dampier Cargo Wharf.

Dampier Bulk Handling Facility

The DBHF will encourage trade diversification at the Port of Dampier by providing access to a global urea market. The facility will be constructed south of the existing Dampier Cargo Wharf and supported by a new 13.2-metre-deep berth pocket and an approximately 11-metre-deep vessel maneuvering area.

The facility will accommodate various vessel types, including Supramax and Panamax (classes of bulk cargo carriers) and will support the bulk export of urea.  will also cater to general cargo ships, cruise ships, and vessels connected to offshore oil and gas activities. PPA has undertaken geotechnical and dredging studies and they have been used in the design.

Dampier Link Bridge

The Dampier Link Bridge is a crucial element of Pilbara Ports’ strategy to enhance direct shipping services to the Pilbara region. The bridge has been identified as the infrastructure solution required to:

  • Allow existing trade to continue at the Port of Dampier.
  • Enable concurrent repairs on the Dampier Cargo Wharf.
  • Provide additional functionality to support trade growth.
  • Increase throughput capacity and efficiency at the Port of Dampier

This concrete-deck-on-steel-piles bridge will connect the existing Dampier Cargo Wharf with the new Dampier Bulk Handling Facility.


Notable exclusions from the project works are the supply and installation of the shiploader, conveyor gallery, and shiploader rail.

Contractor plans required

The contractor must prepare and submit various management plans, including an occupational safety and health management plan and a comprehensive project execution plan (PEP). The PEP should detail tasks, teams, equipment, environmental conditions, and risk management.


The tender submission is due by 4:00 pm WST (western standard time) on Monday, 23 October 2023. Madrigal Communications has specialist skills in helping Tier One and Tier Two construction firms to create tenders for major infrastructure projects. We also have specific experience of the Western Australian construction environment over many years of tendering in the region.