CV and case study writing

“The best predictor of future behaviour is … past behaviour”

Including case studies and curriculum vitae’s (CVs) in tenders should not be thought of as an administrative obligation but a strategic choice. A case study proves the experience and success of an organisation and a cv proves the experience and ability of its key personnel. Providing evidence of previous success predicts you future success in the eyes of the client.

Madrigal Communications helps clients to put together well thought-out case studies that present the best of their work, demonstrate their capabilities and highlight the benefits of engaging them. Case studies provide corroboration and evidence that an organisation can deliver the promised service at the desired specification. Testimonials and evidence are powerful ingredients of case studies.

Success in similar projects sends a strong message of competency and removes risk for clients. The client is assured that the supplier can deliver.

Many projects are unique. A series of case studies may need to be used to demonstrate a range of capabilities that will be combined in the project.

Madrigal writes case studies that are short and to the point. They demonstrate how your organisation has made a difference to its customers: how you gave them value, saved them time or money, or provided them with innovative solutions. Case studies must be about benefits and outcomes rather than processes and outputs.

Writing strategic CVs

Madrigal Communications focuses considerable effort into making professional curriculum vitae’s (CVs) as convincing as possible. The importance of the people in a professional contract cannot be underestimated.

The capability of an organisation is based very much on the capability of its key staff. Putting the right people into a proposal is often the difference between success and failure from the client’s perspective.

Madrigal Communications people have a strong understanding of management, construction, infrastructure, telecommunications, science and technology which we leverage to make sure that the CVs are presenting the professional staff in the most strategic way.

We make sure that your CV is clear and focuses attention on the skills and experience relevant to the proposal. We also make sure that their presentation is consistent and appealing (we can organise a professional photographer).

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