Corporate communications

Corporate communications is the job of managing your organisation’s image. Marketing sells products or brands to customers whereas corporate communications builds and maintains an organisation’s reputation with all stakeholders.

To do it properly you need to make sure all communications channels are working together – or, as we like to say, make sure everyone is singing from the same song-sheet (that is why we are called Madrigal Communications). Your warehouse staff need to be sending the same messages to customers as your sales team. Your management must represent the same corporate values that they are publicising and expecting of the rest of the organisation.

What is corporate communications?

  • Advertising
  • Image and branding
  • Publications and online
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Public affairs

What do Corporate Communicators do?

  • Internal communications
  • Annual reports and performance reporting
  • Online communications
  • Communication planning
  • Marketing and sales
  • Project management
  • Publication management
  • Stakeholder (customer, staff, shareholders etc) research
  • Customer service management
  • Copywriting, business writing and editing

If you need to improve how you communicate with your stakeholders contact us for an assessment of your communications needs.