Career advice—be a petfluencer

My dear daughter, as your father it is time to take you aside and give you some important advice. I think that you should reassess your career choice in nursing and consider being a petfluencer.

Nursing offers long, irregular work hours, including night shifts. It will disrupt your personal life and make it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. The emotional toll of dealing with illness, injury, and loss, will lead to stress and burnout and you will face exposure to infectious diseases and physical strain.

Instead I want you to consider a career as a petfluencer. A petfluencer is obviously a pet influencer—someone who gains a large following on social media by posting entertaining images or videos of their cat, dog, or other pet. Your animal gains a large following on social media by appearing regularly in pictures or video posted by its owner, enhanced with captions, music, and voiceovers, etc.

You will have the power to inspire your audiences, bringing joy and laughter to people’s lives. The adorable antics of Charlie and his playful nature will provide a much-needed escape for people from the stresses of everyday life (like being a nurse).

There are so many ways to make money as a petfluencer—through sponsorship, advertising, affiliate marketing, product sales, etcetera. The most popular platforms are TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Petfluencers are classified based on the number of followers on their platform. They can either be nano (0– 1,000 followers), micro (10–50 thousand followers), macro (500 thousand – 1 million followers) or mega (+1 million) influencers.

Obviously I suggest you should be a mega petfluencer because, according to the Singapore Womans Weekly, you can earn “serious money” from your cute pet on TikTok:

  • a Pomeranian dog, called @jiffpom, earns $30K per video from his 21 million followers
  • A golden retriever called @Tuckerbud earns $9K per video from his six million followers
  • a pug dog called @dougthepug earns $5K per video from his three million fans

Have a look on Tik Tok (or Instagram) using the hashtag #doglove. Can you imagine what an Australian cattle dog could do in the shadow of Bluey.

But be careful! While being a petfluencer may seem like a dream job, it does have challenges. If you choose to showcase Charlie as an influencer you must prioritise his well-being above all else. It is essential to strike a balance between sharing his life and ensuring his privacy, safety, and physical and emotional well-being. Be aware that the demands of content creation and constant engagement with followers requires high levels of dedication.

Please consider this advice daughter. I don’t want you living an unfulfilling life.