Writing brochures and flyers that work

Madrigal Communications helps businesses with their flyers and brochures. We use flyers to pass on a simple message with a clear call to action. Therefore they are all about attracting attention at a particular time. We use brochures to reinforce your brand or message. Brochures are about providing more information to promote confidence and to show that your business is credible. They are about maintaining communication over the medium term.

We help businesses to focus their marketing effort into the appropriate publication. If you write and design them correctly they should significantly improve your sales.

What is the difference between a brochure and a flyer?

A brochure is a multipage or folded publication whereas a flyer is most often a single sheet printed on one or both sides. Brochures and flyers are small publications used to create product or brand awareness for businesses. They are also used by the public sector to communicate a specific message to a target audience, such as the importance of dental hygiene.

Using a flyer as a ‘call to action’

Flyers are used to get the attention of potential customers. We use a powerful design that attracts the reader to the short message. The message should be a clear call to action. Once the action is completed the flyer has done its job. Flyers are often designed for noticeboards so the back of the flyer is often left blank.

Using a brochure to build your brand

Brochures provide relevant information and reinforce your brand (or boost your reputation). A brochure is kept for a few days to remind the reader about you. The brochure needs to be well-designed because it represents you and your product. Poor design or poor messaging will have an adverse effect on the reader.

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