Birdon’s bid For Australian Army landing vehicle (LMV-M)

Birdon’s offering for the Australian Army’s Project LAND 8710 Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel-Medium (LMV-M) broke cover at Land Forces 2022 in Brisbane, Australia (this Benjamin Felton story was published in Naval News 13 Oct 2022). Birdon has recently (October 2022) also won a tender for US Coast Guard vessels.

The LAND 8710 Request for Tender (RFT) closed earlier this year, with Birdon among the competitors. Naval News understands that Defence has likely already made its recommendation to the government, however, the winning proposal is unlikely to be announced until March 2023.

Earlier this year, at Indo Pacific, Birdon announced a partnership with Echo Marine Group to produce their LMV-M design. Even though the RFT process has concluded, Birdon was unwilling to detail any technical information about the vessel, or how the industrial partnership is structured.

The story covers the design of the Birdon bid and others. Worth a read.