Writing compelling articles

Madrigal writers have broad experience. We understand how to make articles readable, meaningful and compelling across all subjects. We provide strong headlines, valuable content and the right mix of keywords to attract readers. Fact-rich articles attract more readers than articles full of weasel words and marketing speak. Readers want something new and interesting material. They only read what appeals to them.

The Madrigal approach to compelling articles

Users read content for different reasons but when they are looking for articles they are looking for information. They want to learn about a topic. If you want to capture a reader’s interest you need to provide high quality information. Content marketing is about getting people to come to your site because you are giving them great content to read.

100 out of a 100 readers prefer numbers

Quantitative information, that is, with numbers and proper statistics, is recognised by readers as the most valuable. Using numbers in headlines increases interest. Using numbers is sending a message that the article is full of facts.

How to improve your life

A lot of web users are looking for solutions to their problems. How to fix a software problem, how to finish a do-it-yourself project, how to find a specialist product, etcetera, users are looking for answers to their problems. Articles that help people improve their lives are much more likely to attract readers than articles that merely describe processes.

Images emphasise your messaging

Using striking and appropriate images complements the text and helps to emphasise the messages. Images break up the monotony of text but should always be chosen to be relevant.

Article written by Tim Entwisle for Flightpath magazine on Steven Heyen winning RAAF Heritage Award.

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