Writing quality annual reports

Madrigal Communications has significant experience in writing annual reports. A quality annual report is not only a summary of your organisation’s successes for the year but a way of accurately reflecting and reporting on organisational performance. We focus on performance reporting. We can project manage your annual report from concept and information gathering to writing and production.

The Madrigal approach to annual reports

An annual report is a published document given to shareholders by public corporations as an official disclosure of their financial performance. It allows shareholders to assess the success of the organization.

Government departments, agencies and other bodies, are also required to produce annual reports. These include the financials but also, more importantly, report on how well the organizations are achieving specific objectives. They also address how a department is meeting broader, whole-of-Government objectives (such as energy saving, waste reduction, anti-discrimination initiatives, etc).

Measuring performance

Part of measuring performance is defining your mission, defining your organisational goals, and clearly identifying your stakeholders. Madrigal Communications can advise you on establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) or key success indicators (KSIs) that will help your organisation define and measure progress toward your goals.

Promoting your organisation

Because it is aimed at shareholders and investors an annual report must also be a marketing tool for your company. The annual report is sometimes the only public record that an organisation produces so it strongly represents the organisation. Professional design and layout are important to make reports appealing to readers.

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