Analytics and business intelligence — NSW DCS

The NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS) Government Technology Platforms (GTP) is seeking to engage a supplier to provide and deploy an Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) software solution for use across multiple government agencies (Due August 2021)

DCS supports sustainable government finances, major public works and maintenance programs, government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services, consumer protection, administration of state taxation and revenue collection, and NSW land and property administration.

The RFQ is being issued to a range of prequalified suppliers on the ICT Services Scheme (SCM00020) Prequalification Scheme.

There are, currently, over 5000 charts in operation across the cluster which are used for reporting and insight gathering. The aim of this engagement is to bridge ongoing use and requirements, as well upgrade the existing base platform to provide greater functionality.

It is expected that the selected business intelligence platform will:

  • have all the standard functionality expected of modern BI products
    provide seamless access to several different user types
    be accessible from several different government agencies

An existing platform is currently in place which enables sharing and collaboration of data and allows for datasets to be pushed to third-party file storage applications instead of retrieving data from those applications.

Implementation and onboarding of new platform includes transition of exiting dataset to the new platform. Transition will cover charts and dashboards from different data sources: SQL server, OBDC, Google Analytics, Odata, S3 buckets, SFTP, and API.

Platform support and maintenance needs to include helpdesk support during normal business hours, and emergency contact outside business hours on unexpected outage. Provide a minimum 5 business day advance notice for any planned system outage.

A shortlist of tenderers for the Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) software solution will be selected to present a demonstration of their platform to the selection panel.

Madrigal has expertise in tendering and several of our consultants are experienced in IT projects.