TfNSW artificial intelligence data collection solution for potholes

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is to turn to cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the detection of potholes and road damage. The AI for pothole detection provides an innovative solution to an ongoing maintenance problem.

Current road asset inspection solutions usually run on 1-5-year cycles. They are currently failing to provide up-to-date information. TfNSW has stated how the maintenance planning process is inefficient and costly.

The request for proposal (RFP) comes in two separate portions. The first will be for the development of the AI that will be cloud based and use visual and non-visual sensor analytics.

The AI is to first analyse the road and then report back to the database. It will need to integrate with state and local government platforms to assist them in monitoring current road conditions. This technology be central in maintaining NSW roads.

The second portion of the RFT will be for the technology to collect data on defective roads. This data will show where the roads are not up to standard. This then needs to interlink with portion one of the project. In this portion data is assessed to assist the state government in road upgrade and preventative measures for future road damage.

The AI for pothole detection solution has been considered for quite a while due to the high costs of manual road inspections. In July 2022, $2.9 million was spent on installing sensors under buses in NSW, to gather data on where the road cracks and potholes are forming.

Tenders for the asset AI for pothole detection and data collection solution close 25 October 2022. If you need help with your tender submission Madrigal Communications has several highly qualified scientific and technical trained writers in our team.