Madrigal Communications helps professional organisations improve the value of their written and online communications.

We have great people with high-level business and communications skills and experience to help our clients win work and improve their profits. We are successful copywriters and communication consultants who love making words work for our customers.

We get our satisfaction from creating successful websites, brochures, and blogs that attract customers and build sales. We help develop social media marketing strategies.

Our tender writers excel at writing proposals and tenders that win work. We have a high success rate in writing tenders for large infrastructure projects and have won millions of dollars worth of work for our clients. We also provide bid management, write RFT responses and prepare CVs and case studies.

Our technical writers are experienced in annual reports and sustainability reports, project plans, documentation, and procedures and policies. We project manage communication from instigation and planning to publication. We also provide creative direction, graphic design and print management.

We give our customers value-for-money solutions to help their businesses grow. We value integrity and the high quality of our work.


  • Madrigal Communications is named from Italian Renaissance love songs.


  • We aim to write material for your business that will make your clients and customers fall in love with your products and services.


  • Madrigal Communications aims to give businesses access to sophisticated professional communications advice, services and product development.
  • We aim to provide a major improvement to our customers’ corporate communications.
  • We aim to make our customers’ businesses stand out from the crowd, not blend in with it. That means we question norms and go beyond clichés and industry expectations.
  • We are an effective tender writing team and aim to maintain a high success record and a methodical and innovative approach.


  • Honesty and Integrity-trust and reputation come before profit
  • Professionalism-educating our customers to know what they need
  • Customer-focus-deliver work of the best quality with no compromises
  • Reliable, consistent service-deliver on time and to the agreed quality

Delivering Our Values

  • Madrigal acts with integrity and ethically with clients and suppliers.
  • Madrigal maintains the confidentiality of our clients’ information (regardless of whether a confidentiality agreement has been signed).
  • Madrigal focuses on maintaining the reputational risk of our clients and provides frank advice if necessary.
  • Madrigal maintains truth, accuracy and good taste in all other aspects of marketing communication.
  • Madrigal will not represent multiple clients that have conflicting or competing interests except with consent and after full disclosure.
  • Madrigal refrains from knowingly associating with any enterprise that uses improper or illegal methods in obtaining or undertaking business.
  • Madrigal will not intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of our competitors, clients or suppliers in any way.
  • Madrigal will continue to acquire professional skills in marketing communications and to maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills.

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