6 tips for successful tender writing

Madrigal Communications uses a six point system for winning tenders. Here are six tips for tender writing from each of the six points for tender success.

1. Provide lots of evidence

To be considered your tender must meet all the requirements of the RFT. Your response must provide all the evidence of how well you can deliver the service or contract.

2. Strong presentation

One of the most important tips for tender writing is that you must present your documentation at least as professionally as your competitors. We emphasise the importance of highly polished professional presentationIs your tender presentation good enough to win?.

3. No gaps

Make sure that you provide all the information about your service provision that will help the assessment (we believe that there is no such thing as too much information!).

4. Provide value-for-money

Governments and head contractors are now recognising that value-for-money (VfM) and  is the most important aspect of assessing service or product delivery.  Your bid should emphasise the full range of business benefits to the client.

5. Understand the needs

One of the most important tips for tender writing is to create a convincing argument for the assessment panel you must understand what they want, what they need and how they operate. Then you can explain clearly how your organisation will meet their needs.

6. Stand out from the crowd

Present  a bid that is differentiated from the competitors and shows that your solution is the most desirable, is creative and dynamic.

I hope these tips for tender writing are useful to you.