5 marketing strategies to build trust

People do business with people that they trust. When you put together your marketing material you should make sure you build trust with your audience and your potential customers. Here are five quick strategies that I would advise you to use to build trust when marketing your business:

Be valuable

Don’t undersell your products or services. Emphasise value not price! Even if your customer is price-driven they still need to trust you to buy from you.

Be honest

Don’t say you are the best. Tell how you will provide the benefits that your customers want or need. That shows that you are the best at what they want.

Be authentic

Let your personality stand out. People don’t like superficiality. Don’t be just another business selling a product or service.

Be human

Your business is not an object – it is the quality, expertise, and experience of its people. It is what you do for your customers. It is not an “it” it is a “we”.

Be accountable

You are the most important thing in your business. Don’t be anonymous. If something goes wrong your customer knows who to talk to. Make sure you have a relationship with your customers.

Need help?

If your business needs ideas to build trust with its marketing contact us at Madrigal Communications, we are valuable, honest, authentic, human and not anonymous.