5 key marketing strategies for 2017

Technology is always developing and it is having a big impact on the workplace and in how businesses approach their marketing and sales. So here is what we think are the five biggest things that you need to focus on in business marketing 2017.

1. Don’t miss the increasing importance of niche marketing

As the Internet is becoming more and more powerful as the dominant market-place to source goods and services the ability of consumers and businesses to find specialist vendors increases. Specific short-term expert needs can be met by high-value services from anywhere.

Thus business success grows by focusing on very specific target audiences. Therefore businesses can go deep rather than wide if they can make themselves easy to find.

STRATEGY: offer specialised services and use very targeted advertising using social media and strong SEO.

2. Get more value from your customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is poised to get much more sophisticated with applications being developed to recognise and report on customer trends. Therefore these applications shift the emphasis from analysing data to assessing the information generated.

STRATEGY: businesses need to look at what customer information they are generating and investigate simple ways to get value from it.

3. ROI and targeted social media marketing 2017

Targeted spending is an ever-increasing must in social advertising. Using organic reach is no longer going to work as well as it used to. The social media algorithms are limiting the percentage of your own audience that see your posts to encourage you to pay for coverage.

STRATEGY: Invest a portion of your marketing budgets into native ads and promoted posts to successfully target your audiences. Also make sure your track your return on investment (ROI) in terms of views and clicks and tweak your campaign.

4. Creating digital intimacy with your customers

Technologies have allowed a shift in how brands engage customers digitally. Customer engagement has become more and more tailored to the digital-based market place. Relationships matter, even in the digital space, and “digital intimacy” is created through strong data, tailored responses and personalization.

STRATEGY: Engage a customer experience consultant to manage how your website manages your clients and visitors.

5. Remembering the offline experience

Following on from the previous paragraphs, customers who have experienced seamless digital shopping still look for quality offline experiences. Therefore, as the online marketplace becomes more familiar and we spend more time in it, there is an increasing need for the off-line shopping experience to provide more connectedness. Customers who are dealing with real people want that experience to be a worthwhile one.

STRATEGY: Frontline and customer service people need to provide a high quality offline experience. So make sure your business recognises the customers’ needs and is providing a quality offline experience.

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